For a long time we had the idea to offer all pilots an official digital flight log in addition to our paper flight log. Too often we were confronted with adventurous formats in the Flight Personnel Section and had to return them. However, the positive aspects of electronic flight data recording were evident from the very beginning. But we first had to convince EASA that electronic data capture with targeted flanking safety features was acceptable. The discussion was worthwhile. Since this summer, FCL.050 explicitly allows flight time recording in electronic form for all categories of aviation.

With the FOCA dLogbook, licensees (powered flight, gliding, helicopter and balloon) have the possibility to record their flying activities electronically and - after manual release - to send them in electronic form to the FOCA. Pilots are relieved of the obligation to keep a record in paper form. At the same time, numerous functions facilitate the entry of data, the evaluation of flight hours, the overview of recency, the insertion of signatures and finally the creation of application forms. Adding up hours and landings is a thing of the past. Transmission errors no longer have to be laboriously corrected. Copying the flight book and sending it by post is no longer necessary. Soon the FOCA dLogbook will also be available as an offline app. The additional function will not cause any additional costs.

Use of the FOCA dLogbook is subject to a charge after a trial period of one month. The costs are:

  • Option 1: Access for 3 months: CHF 5.-
  • Option 2: Access for 12 months: CHF 15.-
In order to retain the access to the FOCA dLogbook, the subscription must be extended by the license holder. To this end, he/she will be informed by means of a renewal reminder before the subscription period expires. The advance payment for the option chosen by the license holder is made directly on the dLogbook website.

To ensure the integrity of the data, a "change log" is kept in the FOCA dLogbook. If entered data is changed afterwards, this is recorded. If entries signed by a third party (instructor, examiner, ATO, Head of Training, ...) are subsequently changed, the signature is omitted. With this we were able to convince EASA that an electronic flight log has an equivalent level of data integrity and is now accepted.

The FOCA has no access to the data. Only after manual release can the data be sent to the FOCA by e-mail. The data is managed and secured by the external company Ltd.

If the licence holder wishes to benefit from additional functions (statistics, synchronisation with booking files, etc.), a corresponding upgrade can be purchased from Ltd.

The project FOCA dLogbook is a first step on the way to a digitalized license cycle up to the electronic license.

We wish you much pleasure.